Friday, June 1, 2012

Shadowrun returns

Today i found something that i would like to share ^^

I found a site that will do something that i have got in my mind since a long time : Create a game about shadowrun :

Here the site : Shadowrun Returns

They have already reach enough fund to start the development of the game , and are even billionaire ! But with a so good game, that s quite normal ;)

 Hope to see it soon. I ve try to go throughout the whole site, but can't already found some picture,  or even game concept. I ve not even found the version of shadowrun that will be used. But the team look like quite motivated and enjoy it look like they have some great ambition. Now, we have to wait for the development. And if you read me, i would like to be a beta tester ! ^^

For french reader, if you are like me and you enjoy playing your favorite game on the net, i would suggest you INS/ that is also a great game online in 2 dimension and turn by turn combat. It's also a great game, and if you got time , you can even try the beta test ;)

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