Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shadowrun 4 : The gunslinger (sniper) adept

Elf Gunslinger (sniper) Adept
Race : Elf / Cost : 30 pt
Attribute : Adept (5 pt) ,  Aptitude (Longarm)(10pt)
Attribute cost : 210pt
Bod Agi Rea Str Cha Int Log Will Edge Ess Mag Init IP
4 6 (8) 4 (5) 2 3 4 2 2 3 5,68 4 8 (9) 2
Skill cost :  124pt
  • Longarm : 7
    • Spe : Sniper
  • Dodge : 4
    • Spe : Ranged combat
  • Stealth group : 4
  • Perception : 4
  • Locksmith : 4
Power List  :
  • Improved ability 3 ( Longarm ) ( 1.5 ) 
  • Improved reflex 1 ( 1.5 )
Equipment cost : 11 pt / 5300 nuyen left

  • Muscle toner 2 alphaware (32 000 nuyen, - 0.32 essence )
  • 1 Walter-Ma-2100 ( 5000 nuyen)
  • 200 Ex Explosive round ( 200 nuyen)
  • 1 Gas vent 2 system ( 200 nuyen ) 
  • 1 Imaging scope ( 300 nuyen ) 
  • Chameleon suit + helmet ( 8/6) (9000 nuyen)
  • Thermal damping for camouflage suit rating 6 ( 3000 nuyen )

total point = 390 / PB = 10 / SB = 9 / Armor : +8/+6

Comments :

- As usual, feel free to add some negative quality to gain some more points for your character creation. Most of the time i add a moderate allergy to uncommon element like gold, diamond or a like and then some element that will put out some background, like a sinner for example. 

- As a reminder, don't forget that you can't take at character creation any element that has an availability greater than 12 neither one with a rating above 6, whichever come first. 

- The Walter-Ma-2100 has been choose because he has already a smartgun system in it, and allow you to fire in semi automatic mode, that will give you an extra shot on each combat turn. Additionnaly, it has no edge drawback when fighting out of the sniper mode (see the description of sniper weapons, SR4 pg 319) . At last, this is the only one you can buy at character creation because the other one has an availability of 16. 

- Here i have mostly focus on a maximizing the shooting capacity of the guy You can shoot with the sniper in a semi auto mode (that will allow you to shoot two time on a combat phase) . The gas vent system is here to avoid any trouble with the recoil compensation. 

Here is your possibility :
  1. You will roll 19 dice when attacking ( 7 skill + 2 spe + 8 agility + 2 smartgun ), and if you have set an image magnification and you use a take aim action, you could add 1 dice, reaching to 20 dice (SR4 core pg 150 ). 
  2. Your base DV is 8 with an AP of -4. 
  3. Because it s semi automatic, you can fire twice in the same combat phase ! Cooolll !! ^^
  4. If you add some edge, you will have 23 dice to throw, and the rule of six will arrive also. 
  5. You could add one dice if you take the reflex recorder for the skill (long arm). 
  6. This mean that with the Edge, you will roll 24 dice, and the rule of six can give you 4 extra more ( if 6 cames up), so this mean 28 dice with an average 9 success, giving you a DV 8-17 with an AP of 4. Not so bad. 
- The stealth group is here because why spoil an agility of 8? And this will help you to sneak to the good place to shoot. 

- The camouflage suit it you best way to survive. With his -6 dice pool modifier to notify you by visual mean, the thermal damping and your stealth, you will be hard to spot. Add some jamming device also, to prevent people to use device that will allow to spot you with earing. Mage is not a big deal : if they can't see you , they can't cast a spell on you. 

- Take also some fumigene with you, to allow you to be harder to spot if you're discovered.

- As an elf, you have access to an high agility ( you can reach 10 with some augmentation, for example the thyroid gland). With that, you have also low light vision, to have no modifier in the night or dim area.

- You could also add some athletic skill or take a grapple gun to jump to the top of a building. Add this with enhanced articulation, and with the reflex recorder ( for 13 BP, you could already add two dice, and with 10 point for the skill group, you will have around 23 BP for 3 dice in all athletic field ), and you can start poking around without any problem.

- Here we have sacrifice 1 magic point, and it was enough, but you can have a magic attribute of 5 if you want, and ake another initiative pass.

- Don't spend your time taking the astral perception, and take only the bad karma drug in your stock if you want to cover this field. 

- Don't forget to buy a com link ;) that s why i have left 5300 nuyen, for the common buy ( lifestyle and so on )


  1. you talk about a "fumigene", what is it?

    1. Sorry for my bad translation, fumigene is a smoke grenade.