Friday, June 8, 2012

How fast can you fly with your magician in shadowrun 4

Today, reading the book, i spend some time on the levitate spell. And i realize something :

In this game, you can fly very very quickly!

Let's compute some little thing :

The levitate spell say that the subject can be moved at a movement rate equal to the Force of the spell X net spell casting hits in meter per turn ( In the 20th anniversary edition, check the errata if you have a previous one) . This is quite awesome !

So if you overcast your spell, at a force 12 , and that you have an average 15 dice for your spell casting roll ( 6 in magic + 5 spell casting + 2 spa manipulation + 2 power focus for example ), this mean an average 5 success on your roll.

So you're value is 12 * 5 = 60 meter per combat turn. But remember that a combat turn is 3 second, so we have a 20 meter / second. Great, this mean we have reach 72km/hours. Not so bad.

But we can enhance this again :)

Let's look now on the movement critters power. This allow you to multiply or divide the target's movement rate by the spirit's Magic. And when you summon a spirit, his magic is equal to the spirit's force. So let's keep min-maxing, and we will summon a force 12 spirit ( and hope you survived the summon ^^. This is an average DV of 8 for the drain, so you should survive it).

So now, your speed could be increase by a 12 factor.

20 meter/second * 12 = 240 meter/second, this mean 864 km/hours . Great ! , you ve got through the sound barrier ! And you re even faster than the concorde ! (Speed example)

Now, if you push yourself a little more, you can almost reach Mach 1. How ? Just add some edge to your spellcasting test for example.

You can roll 18 dice : 6 (magic) + 6 (spellcasting) + 2 (specialization) + 2 (power focus) + 2 (mentor spirit). If you add an average 4 edge for example, you have around 22 dice with the rule of six, meaning around 25 dice. An average 8 success by the end.
So your speed in meter will be 384 meter / second , this mean 1 382,4 km/hours. A little bit above MACH 1 .

But, don't forget something : Can you survive this speed ? Because you will get the frictional force in your face ! And this will slowly burn your skin. So if you have something to protect you from this, wear it !

As an information, here is the fly speed of a great dragon using a levitate spell with a force of 24 and  summoning a spirit of air with a force of 24 ( assuming he survive the summon).

24* 8 ( average roll result of magic 12 + spellcasting 8 ) =   192 meter by combat turn, so we divide by 3 to have 64 m / second. With a 24 force spirit , this mean a 1536 m / second, around the speed of a rocket 5529, 4 km / hours.

If the dragon add his edge to the spellcasting test , he will have 26 dice, with 4 possible 6 coming up, this mean an average 10 result.

Base on this we have :

24*10 = 240 / 3 = 80 m/S *24 = 1920 m / s = 6 912 km/hours.

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