Saturday, August 25, 2012

Quick start creation rule

Hello !

Not so far ago, i ve make a game with some of my friend. But i doesn't want to spend three hours creating character. So i ve set up some quick creation rule. Here is it, if you found it usefull :

You give your player 40 creation point.

The character has 20 point for race and characteristic.

The cost of a race is as follow :

  • Human [0 pt]
  • Ork [2 pt]
  • Dwarf [2.5 pt]
  • Elf [3 pt]
  • Troll [4 pt]
The character then fill their point. No maximum allow, and 1 point is 1 character point. 

They can choose an advantage like magician[1.5pt] , adept [0.5 pt], mystic adept [1 pt] or technomancer [0.5 pt] from the 20 point they have.

Then i ve give them the list of group skill. They have to fill point in them. 1 point is 1 level in a group skill. 

I ve give them all single skill with a 3 dice in them ( like dodge, perception, assensing , ... ). 

Then for the contact, 0.5 point is a contact ( their choose ), with a rating 3/2. 

Then with what is left, they can have some equipment : 

1 point is a standard pack : 
  • Weapon with recoil and smartgun and 200 regular ammo. 
  • Comlink with glasses and image link. 
  • Armor vest 6/4.
If they ask for equipment that give them some attribute boost, count that 0.5 point is 1 attribute point. 

Else, count that one equipment are 0.5 point. If they ask for 1 element, then give it with maximum element for example, for a cyberlimb, maximise it with 6 point in it, and all it s capacity filled. 

They can also set the remaining point in another attribute they ve opened, like magic. 

keep the idea to make it quick ;) 

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